3 Reasons Why Leg Cramps Shouldn’t Be Left Untreated

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3 Reasons Why Leg Cramps Shouldn’t Be Left Untreated

Our muscles are constantly expanding and contracting when our legs are in motion. Sudden and involuntary contractions of our muscles are known as leg cramps.

Leg spasms can strike at any time—often when you least expect them. Whether your cramps are caused by exercising without warming up or carrying heavy weights, muscle cramps are often not a cause for concern.

This common, usually-harmless condition can be a source of pain and discomfort for you—especially when the pain lingers long after the cramp has passed. Sometimes, the pain radiates to other parts of your leg as well. Muscle spasms in your calf often spread to your feet and thighs as well.

While infrequent leg cramps are a common occurrence, getting muscle cramps often can be a cause for concern that requires medical attention.

Some of the reasons why leg cramps should be treated are:

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Most people experience leg cramps at night, especially during sleep. About 60 percent of adults report that nocturnal cramps are a cause for pain, discomfort, and sleeplessness for them.

Nocturnal leg cramps are episodic, painful, and involuntary—this means the contracting muscles in your calves and hamstrings can suddenly jolt you from a peaceful slumber in the middle of the night! In most cases, the residual pain can keep you awake for a while and disrupt your sleep pattern.

There are other symptoms

Leg cramps often inflict episodic pain and discomfort before subsiding, leaving behind a faint throbbing pain in the affected area. In some cases, however, leg cramps don’t appear by themselves. Other symptoms associated with leg cramps—including muscle weakness, severe discomfort, swelling, and changes in the skin—can be alarming.

If your leg cramps are accompanied by other worrisome symptoms, you should seek the help of a medical professional.

They might be hinting at other conditions

Secondary leg cramps are involuntary muscle contractions that are a symptom of another health condition. While most leg cramps are attributed to muscle strain, lack of blood, or low levels of electrolytes, they may also be hinting at more serious underlying conditions.

Certain conditions—such as nerve disorders, liver diseases, heart conditions, and thyroid problems—can manifest in the form of muscle spasms.

Leg cramps are harmless in many cases but if you’re experiencing them frequently and persistently, you should head to a trained professional who can help you.

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