3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Makeup to Cover Varicose Veins

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3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Use Makeup to Cover Varicose Veins

Apart from causing considerable pain and discomfort, varicose veins are also unsightly. This cosmetic issue results in bulging, twisted, and blue-hued veins that are often the first thing that catches people’s eyes.

For any of the 20 percent of adults who live with varicose veins, a major struggle is dealing with the displeasing visible symptoms of the condition. People turn to various at-home remedies and quick fixes to boost their confidence.

Using Makeup As A Cover-Up

Long-lasting, full-coverage makeup is often the first choice for anyone looking to hide their unsightly varicose veins. If you’ve ever used makeup to hide skin imperfections and blemishes, you’ll be familiar with this quick technique. Slathering on some foundation or concealer on the affected area is a simple, budget-friendly solution for varicose veins.

However, it isn’t always as viable as other treatment and management strategies. Here’s why makeup isn’t always the best choice for covering up varicose veins:

It’s time-consuming

For someone who spends about 20 to 30 minutes applying makeup to their face, repeating the same routine on their legs isn’t always a welcome option. Concealing varicose veins can be a chore, often requiring multiple coats—everyone doesn’t have time for this elaborate session every morning!

It makes a mess

Makeup tends to leave stains when it comes into contact with clothing. If you’re using a heavy-coverage foundation to cover the veins on your legs. You might end up with the product all over your clothes during the day.

Whether you use liquid products or power. You may never be able to enjoy the seamless, full coverage you want to.

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It can worsen the condition

Heavy-duty makeup products made with harsh chemicals can exacerbate your existing condition. The ingredients in the makeup may prove unsuitable for your skin, leaving you with more visible, unsightly blue-tinged veins.

Exposing the affected area to harsh ingredients may aggravate your condition, especially if you opt for this quick fix regularly.

Get Rid Of Varicose Veins For Good!

Instead of opting for temporary solutions to your varicose veins problem, visit one of the top vein treatment centers in Manhattan. At Renew Vein Centers, our experienced varicose veins specialists use the latest, minimally-invasive procedures to make the visible veins more manageable.

When home remedies aren’t enough, sclerotherapy or laser therapy can reduce the painful symptoms and improve the appearance of varicose veins through non-invasive treatments. For more information about our advanced varicose veins treatments, reach out to us at info@renewveincenters.flywheelsites.com.

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