Leg Cramps

Constant leg cramps are a condition that can be difficult to deal with. When your calf muscle is always becoming tight and painful, it may be time to seek out the help of an expert team. At Renew Vein Centers, we’ve seen this issue happen before. We’ll let you know the causes of these cramps and what can be done for treatment.


The Common Cause

If you deal with leg cramps often, one of the more likely culprits is the development of varicose veins. Varicose veins are dark blue or purple and bulge out of your leg, typically in the calf area. They take place as a result of your veins not being able to transport blood correctly, causing it to either pool or begin to flow backward. Although varicose veins may, at times, be nothing more than a cosmetic issue, they can also be the reason you are currently suffering.

Treatment And Prevention

When blood is unable to be transferred correctly, it becomes low in oxygen and high in certain toxins. Muscles that are exposed to this combination of deoxygenated and toxin-filled blood are much more likely to cramp. Fortunately, our team is well versed in treating and preventing these cramps. Below are examples of how this can be achieved:

  • Increasing the amount of time you spend exercising.
  • Stretch out your legs multiple times a day.
  • Eating more magnesium-rich foods.
  • Through the use of prescription-strength painkillers.
  • Removing your varicose veins with sclerotherapy.

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