Understanding The Advantages Of Laser Ablation

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Understanding The Advantages Of Laser Ablation

Contrary to popular belief, varicose veins are more than just a cosmetic issue. In some cases, they can cause great discomfort and make even daily tasks exhausting.

Even though there are now several treatment options available for varicose veins. One procedure that has gained popularity over the years is laser ablation.

While previously surgery was the preferred treatment choice for many individuals. It provides patients with the opportunity of getting their varicose veins treated without the long recovery time.

Laser ablation presents a strong case for being the best treatment method for varicose due to the range of benefits it offers.

What is laser ablation?

It is a procedure that involves treating infected veins with the help of a laser. At the start of the procedure, anesthesia is administered into the veins. After which the laser is used to damage the infected veins until they fall apart and are absorbed by the blood flow. Patients who opt for this procedure only experience a mild discomfort and a few side-effects that include bruising and numbness.

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The advantages

When it comes to varicose veins, many people delay treatment because they feel surgery is too expensive. Such people would be pleased to know that laser ablation is a much more cost-effective treatment option. And provides you relief from the discomfort of varicose veins without putting a significant strain on your budget.

Another reason why more people are opting for laser ablation is that, unlike surgery, it leaves little to no scarring. Since it works on all skin types and even has a higher success rate than surgery. There’s no reason why it won’t soon become the leading treatment choice for a majority of patients suffering from the condition.

However, perhaps the greatest advantage of laser ablation is the short recovery time. After traditional surgery of any kind, it’s expected that you have to remain in the hospital for a few days where your condition is monitored. That’s not the case with laser ablation as there are rarely any complications during the procedure. And patients can even resume their daily activities the next day. It also improves an individual’s quality of life as they can take part in activities that they previously avoided due to the pain of varicose veins.

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