What Can You Do To Prevent/Delay Varicose Vein?

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What Can You Do To Prevent/Delay Varicose Vein?

When it comes to keeping your veins healthy, it comes down to a combination of healthy lifestyle decisions and the right preventive measures. As varicose vein can develop due to a genetic disposition, the condition is often unavoidable.

However, there are certain steps you can take to prevent or delay the development of the condition.

Symptoms of varicose veins include pain and swelling, which can make standing particularly painful. To prevent or delay the onset of varicose veins, here’s what you can do.

Wear compression stockings or socks

Compression stockings are known to reduce pain and aches associated with varicose veins. As they promote healthy vein blood flow, these stockings can also be used as a preventive measure for varicose veins.

Compression stockings and socks allow your veins to remain in the optimum position, enabling them to function perfectly. As there are plenty of compression levels available, consult a physician before deciding which compression option to choose.

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Avoid prolonged sitting or standing

Extended periods of sitting or standing are harmful to vein health and can lead to varicose veins. Studies have revealed that professions that require prolonged periods of standing at work increase an individual’s risk of developing varicose veins.

To decrease venous pressure in your legs, make it a habit to stretch your ankles and legs at intervals throughout the workday. It’s also essential to elevate your legs a few times during the day to enable better blood circulation. 

Varicose Vein – Exercise

Incorporating exercise into your daily routine can play a huge part in delaying or preventing varicose veins. Exercise helps improve blood circulation in your legs and is widely accepted as part of a healthy lifestyle.

Even exercises such as a brisk walk once every day can significantly decrease the chances of varicose veins as it helps tone the muscles in your calves. People who don’t enjoy outdoors are encouraged to take up low-impact exercises such as swimming and yoga.

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Maintain a healthy weight

Obesity is a major factor in the development of varicose veins. Obesity increases the risk of developing heart diseases, diabetes, and varicose veins. Therefore, it’s no surprise that by making certain dietary substitutions that improve blood flow and help you lose weight.

You can delay or even prevent the onset of varicose veins. Consider opting for whole wheat pasta and flour, while also reducing the intake of sugar as it can take a toll on your vascular system.

All these lifestyle changes can delay the onset of varicose veins. But if you do still develop the condition, there’s no reason to panic.

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