5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Blood Circulation

blood circulation

5 Simple Ways to Boost Your Blood Circulation

Poor blood circulation is not a disease; it’s a symptom of other underlying health issues. Several health conditions can lead to poor blood circulation, such as cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and arterial problems.

Other factors also affect circulation, such as poor diet and an inactive lifestyle. According to a study, sitting or being on your feet for more than eight hours a day can have a significant impact on your circulation.

There are several signs that indicate that your blood circulation isn’t optimal. These include numbness and tingling—especially in the limbs—muscle cramps; pulsating pain; stinging in your legs, arms and fingers; varicose veins; and fatigue.

Here are some tips to help you boost your circulation and reduce the risk of health issues:

Get Your Blood Pumping Regularly

One of the best ways to enhance blood circulation is to get up and get active. That’s not to say you should hit the gym for hours every day. But some simple cardio exercises—such as running and jogging every other day—can be very helpful in getting blood pumping through your body.

Get a Full Body Massage

As if you needed another excuse to get a relaxing full body massage!

As a massage therapist pulls and kneads your muscles, it decreases pressure buildup in your body, allowing blood to flow freely. It also releases tension from the muscles and relaxes your body, all while boosting circulation.

Enhance Your Circulation with Omega-3-Rich Foods

The benefits of foods that are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids are never-ending. Apart from being full of essential nutrients, foods with Omega-3 are also helpful in increasing the flow of blood to the muscles while exercising. You can get your Omega-3s from foods such as salmon, broccoli, and walnuts.

Stop Smoking!

Smoking is a nasty habit that comes with numerous health risks. The nicotine content in cigarettes causes the blood to thicken, restricting circulation. Quitting smoking flushes out harmful toxins from the body and improves circulation within a month!

Try nicotine replacements and e-cigarettes to help kick your smoking habit to the curb!

negatives of alcohol

Take It Easy With the Alcohol

Too much alcohol is a recipe for poor circulation. It decreases the flow of blood throughout your body and can lead to complicated health issues such as heart disease. Limit your alcohol intake to one drink or less per day for improved blood circulation.

Get Advanced Vein Assessment and Treatment

Getting your veins assessed by professional vein experts is the first step in ensuring proper blood circulations.

Renew Vein Centers is a premier vein treatment clinic that specializes in treating venous disorders. Our team of vein experts has extensive experience in diagnosing various vein and circulatory issues using state-of-the-art medical technology.

Our customizable treatment plans are personalized according to the health needs and symptoms of each patient.

Get your veins assessed today for conditions such as leg cramps, varicose veins, chronic venous insufficiency, spider veins, and restless leg syndrome.

Call 833-RENEWRX today to schedule an appointment with a varicose veins specialist!

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