A Primary Care Physician Or A Vein Treatment Specialist—Who Should You Consult?


A Primary Care Physician Or A Vein Treatment Specialist—Who Should You Consult?

We rely on our primary care doctors for our immediate medical queries. They’re the ones we go to when we’ve been having persistent headaches, need a flu shot, or are experiencing muscle discomfort. However, when it comes to specialized ailments or diseases such as those pertaining to the veins, you need a specialist.

Think about it; you go to a dentist for a toothache and take your child to a pediatrician if they’ve been under the weather lately. Why should vein disease be treated any differently?

If in doubt, always head over to a vein treatment specialist for your particular concern!

The Difference between a Vein Treatment Specialist & a Primary Care Physician

As we’ve already established, both types of healthcare specialists can diagnosis vein disease and recommend treatment options. So, what makes a vein treatment specialist different from a primary care physician?

Well, it’s pretty much in the name itself. A vein specialist specializes in vein disease and treatment. Their area of expertise revolves around this particular form of illness and related variants, and can make a more accurate (and often, a much quicker) diagnosis. In addition to this, they can also perform the necessary treatment procedure required for your particular condition, such as sclerotherapy and laser ablation.

Your primary care physician isn’t quite equipped to do this. While they may also correctly diagnose your vein disease, they’ll most likely refer you to a vein treatment specialist instead of performing specialized care themselves since they don’t have training in that.

Given how you’ll eventually end up seeking treatment from a vein specialist anyway, it makes more sense to directly approach one should you feel you’re suffering from vein disease. This will also reduce the risk of being misdiagnosed or receiving a delayed diagnosis.

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What to Expect in Your Consultation

Now that we’ve established who to go to, let’s look at a few things you may encounter when you visit a vein treatment specialist for a consultation. Remember, your first appointment is aimed at achieving an accurate diagnosis. Thus, your vein specialist will:

  • Conduct a thorough assessment of your existing condition and perform a physical examination
  • Collect your previous medical history
  • Ask you to elaborate on your symptoms and signs of discomfort
  • Perform an ultrasound for a careful examination of blood clots and blood flow
  • Recommend a treatment plan for your particular condition

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