Bulging Veins and Aching Legs—Take the Next Step with Sclerotherapy Treatment

Image showing Sclerotherapy treatment for varicose

Bulging Veins and Aching Legs—Take the Next Step with Sclerotherapy Treatment

Most patients who develop spider and varicose veins are familiar with the term sclerotherapy. The procedure is one of the most common treatment methods available for spider and varicose veins.

With nearly 35 million Americans diagnosed with this condition, the demand for effective treatment options is increasing every year. There are several treatment options such as laser therapy and radiofrequency ablation. Your doctor will be in a better position to decide which treatment is best suited for your individual condition.   

In this blog, we’re going to focus on sclerotherapy specifically—what the procedure entails and its several benefits.

What is Sclerotherapy?

Sclerotherapy involves injecting a salt solution, called the sclerosant, directly into the affected vein. The purpose of this solution is to cause scarring, forcing the blood to reroute through healthier veins.

Ultimately, this causes the treated vein to collapse and dissolve into nearby body tissues and eventually disappear.

Image showing Sclerotherapy treatment for varicose veins

Safe and minimally invasive

Unlike surgery, sclerotherapy involves no anesthesia or removal of tissue. This makes it one of the safest treatment options available for varicose veins.

Although the procedure is mildly uncomfortable, it does away with the adverse side effects and long recovery times associated with surgery.  

Sclerotherapy Treatment – Pain relief

For patients with an advanced case of varicose veins, dealing with this condition can be extremely problematic. Typically, varicose veins may not be painful. However, if the flow of blood through veins worsens, it may cause swelling, blood clots and intense pain.

The condition can cause constant discomfort and impact your quality of life. Sclerotherapy relieves pain, without you having to resort to pain medications that can be addictive.

Increase your self-confidence

Due to varicose veins, you may start feeling conscious about the appearance of your legs. Lack of self-confidence can lead to you avoiding wearing certain outfits that show your legs.

However, after undergoing sclerotherapy, you can say goodbye to blue, bulging veins. Your legs will have a smoother, healthier appearance.

Quick procedure and speedy recovery

Sclerotherapy is a simple procedure that generally takes less than 60 minutes. There’s little to no preparation for the treatment, unlike surgery, and there’s no anxious waiting in the operating room either. The procedure is straightforward and can be performed in the doctor’s office.

An added benefit of the procedure being minimally invasive is that it ensures quick recovery. Patients can walk out of the office after getting the procedure done, and resume their daily activities just as they would on any other day.

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