Is Swelling in Ankles and Leg Cramps Normal?

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Is Swelling in Ankles and Leg Cramps Normal?

Swelling in the ankles and legs or leg cramps is normal when you’ve been standing or sitting for too long; problem arises when it persists and is accompanied by other symptoms.

Leg Cramps & Ankle Injuries

If you’ve injured your foot or ankle, you should expect some swelling. Sprained ankles are the most common types of foot injuries; they happen when a ligament in our foot stretches beyond its normal range.

To reduce the swelling caused by a sprained ankle or any other type of foot injury, the doctor will recommend that you rest the foot, hold an ice pack against or wrap the area with a compression bandage. In more severe cases, the doctor will ask you to elevate the foot using a pillow.


When there’s a problem with lymph vessels after lymph nodes have been removed, lymphatic fluids collect in the vessels and capillaries. These fluids are usually filtered by lymph nodes, but when they are removed, these fluids get blocked and can get infected. This process is called lymphedema.

Cancer patients who are experiencing swelling after the removal of lymph nodes will need to see a doctor immediately.

Venous Insufficiency

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Venous insufficiency is when the flow of blood inadequately goes up the feet and legs into the heart.

When veins are healthy, blood flows in a single direction, but when their valves become damaged. They cause a reflux and allow blood to flow in the wrong direction. The blood leaks backwards and the excess fluid creates pools in the soft tissue located in the lower legs—usually in the feet and ankles.

In severe cases venous insufficiency can cause changes in skin, infections, and skin ulcers. If you think you may have venous insufficiency, you should consult a physician.

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