The Potential Dangers Of Leaving Varicose Vein Untreated

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The Potential Dangers Of Leaving Varicose Vein Untreated

Apart from looking unsightly, varicose veins are a serious health risk that causes both, physical and psychological health problems. Often considered as simply a cosmetic issue, the condition causes pain and inflammation in the legs; however, they can occur in any other body part as well. Treatment is important because the condition doesn’t go away on its own and even when you don’t feel the pain, it’s still recommended that you talk to a varicose vein treatment specialist.

Why Shouldn’t Varicose Vein be Left Untreated?

The symptoms should be addressed immediately or you’re at risk of multiple health hazards. The most common ones are:


The condition can itself cause swelling that leads to mobility issues and poses trouble in carrying out daily life activities. If you leave the swelling untreated, the pressure will keep building up and spreading further. Swelling can also cause bleeding as well as leakage of fluids from the blood into the surrounding tissues.

This isn’t only problematic when it comes to putting on clothes and shoes but will also result in fluid leak externally. Prolonged swelling can also cause changes in the skin color and may harden it further.

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Ulcers and Infections

With swelling and fluid leaks, you’re highly likely to develop ulcers and infections. These infections can take longer periods of time to heal and if the swelling persists, so will the infections. The healing process becomes even slower when nutrients and oxygen flow to the affected area get choked due to the swelling.


As veins become hard and valves stop functioning to the fullest, varicose veins lead to clotting. Clotting can be extremely painful even to touch and is usually characterized by a swollen red area


The swelling will also cause stretched tissues and a thinning skin line, making the area prone to injuries and scars. Even small pressures can lead to bleeding and since varicose veins have more blood than the usual amount, you’ll be at risk of developing health risks related to blood loss.

Now that you understand the risks attached with varicose veins, talk to us about treatment options. For people suffering from high-intensity pain, laser treatment is one of the best and most effective solutions for the condition.

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