Varithena: The Least Invasive Solution for Varicose Veins

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Varithena: The Least Invasive Solution for Varicose Veins

When the valves within your veins weaken owing to wear and tear or hereditary reasons, they’re unable to push blood back to the heart. This inability to pump blood effectively leads to it flowing backward and pooling in your veins. As a result, your veins bulge and look unsightly in a blue-purple hue.

This condition is called varicose veins.

In extreme cases, the condition causes pain, swelling, and discomfort. Traditionally, surgical methods have been used to provide relief from the symptoms of varicose veins. However, conventional surgery is an invasive procedure that requires extensive downtime to recover.

Varithena is an alternative treatment that’s gaining traction as an effective reliever of varicose veins symptoms. It’s a sclerosing agent that accelerates the formation of scar tissue and blood clots in veins.

For people struggling with varicose veins, this minimally-invasive solution offers a host of benefits. The Varithena injection is administered to troubling veins to destroy the venous endothelium.

What do you need to know about the least invasive vein treatment?

Varithena – It can be personalized to your needs

Varithena injections are administered slowly and the quantity of injections you receive depends on the number of varicose veins being treated.

This procedure targets the veins that are causing you trouble since the microfoam in Varithena causes the vein to collapse. By administering the injection to specific areas of trouble, you can reduce the symptoms of itching, aching, and heaviness.

It’s effective immediately

What sets Varithena apart from conventional procedures is that the symptoms are alleviated almost immediately. The procedure is quick—it takes about 15–20 minutes—and provides effective relief by allowing the solution to travel through your affected vein.

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There’s very little downtime

For needle-phobic people struggling with varicose veins, Varithena offers an alternative treatment that doesn’t involve incisions and stitches.

The minimally-invasive nature of the technique is particularly favorable for people seeking cosmetic procedures for their varicose veins, especially ones on their arms and legs.

Since there’s no need for anesthesia, patients can continue their daily functioning after getting the procedure.

The post-treatment care for Varithena requires little maintenance and care as well. In order to aid your healing process and prevent the formation of blood clots, compression stockings and bandages should be worn for the next few days.

If you’re seeking treatment for varicose veins, the trained varicose veins treatment specialists at Renew Vein Centers can provide effective care. Our doctors are some of the leading specialists in administering the least invasive form of treatment: Varithena.

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